Transfer RNA (tRNA) Fragments Are Connected to Diseases

Specifically Formed tRNA Fragments (tRFs) can Repress Expression by RNAi  Specific tRFs are Associated with Cancer and Other Diseases Chemical Modifications in tRFs Pose a Challenge for Sequencing  Researching new, trending topics for Zone in with Zon rewards me in … Continue reading

Highlights from the 2017 AgBio Innovation Showcase Held by UC Davis

An Inconvenient Truth About Unsustainable Global Food Supply Agricultural Biotechnology (AgBio) is Providing Transformative Solutions Highlights from the Inaugural AgBio Innovation Showcase With expected global population to reach 8.3 billion in 2030, it’s clear that excessive exploitation of food resources … Continue reading

Advances in Aptamer Applications – Part 2

Top Cited Aptamer Publications Over the Past Three Years Jerry’s Picks for Top 3 Aptamer Publications So Far This Year TriLink Products Cited in Numerous Aptamer Publications Aptamers are highly structured nucleic acids that bind to a specific target molecule. RNA … Continue reading