Finding Frankfurter Fraud Featuring Famously Familiar PCR

While Thousands of PCR-based Tests for Food Authentication Exist, Commercial Adoption is Lax PCR Tests for Halal Frankfurter Products Reported by Malaysian Team PCR-enabled Next Generation Sequencing of USA Frankfurters Exposes Extensive Mislabeling and Adulteration Regular readers of this blog … Continue reading

Democratizing diagnostics, clinical NGS, Star Trek Tricorders, and smartphone microscropes … My Takeaways from Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2013

Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2013 held in San Francisco this past February brought together 3,000 attendees in multi-track programs covering diagnostics, therapeutics, clinical, informatics, and cancer. In addition to Plenary Keynote and Symposium speakers, there were interactive breakout discussion groups, poster … Continue reading