Liquid Biopsies Are Viewed as “Liquid Gold” for Diagnostics

Invasive Needles and Scalpels Seen as Passé Noninvasive Sampling Advocates Focusing on Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)  New Companies are Pursuing the Liquid Biopsy “Gold Rush” Biopsy Basics As defined in Wikipedia, a biopsy is ‘a medical test commonly performed by … Continue reading

Nucleic Acid-Based Circulating Biomarkers for Cancer Diagnostics Become Reality

Circulating Tumor Cell Blood Tests Approved by FDA Circulating DNA Stool Test Approved for Colorectal Screening to Avoid Colonoscopy Circulating mRNA Urine Test Approved for use to Reduce the Total Number of Unnecessary Prostate Biopsies Backstory According to the NIH … Continue reading