You and Your Microbiome – Part 2

Global Obesity Epidemic is Linked to Gut Microbiome DNA Sequence-Based Microbiomes Accurately Associate with Obesity Blue Agave Margaritas Contain Beneficial Gut Microbes Investments in Microbiome-based Therapies on the Rise, but is there Hype? Last August, my post entitled Meet Your … Continue reading

Highlights from the 2017 AgBio Innovation Showcase Held by UC Davis

An Inconvenient Truth About Unsustainable Global Food Supply Agricultural Biotechnology (AgBio) is Providing Transformative Solutions Highlights from the Inaugural AgBio Innovation Showcase With expected global population to reach 8.3 billion in 2030, it’s clear that excessive exploitation of food resources … Continue reading

Three Takeaways from the 3rd Next-Generation Sequencing Conference

Exciting potential of direct sequencing of modified DNA  Small holes with big promise but bigger challenges  Paleogenomics:  sequencing ancient DNA—how old can you go?  Sometimes small scientific meetings have big impacts on one’s impressions, which was certainly my experience at … Continue reading