Nanopore Sequencing by Synthesis (Seq-by-Syn)

Yet Another Notable Achievement Involving George Church, ‘The Most Interesting Scientist in the World’  Team of 30 Coauthors Reports Seq-by-Syn with DNA Polymerase-Nanopore Protein Construct on an Integrated Chip Challenging Improvements Needed for Commercial Reality Devotees of my blog will … Continue reading

Lab-on-a-Drone and Other Innovative Point-of-Care Devices

Lab-in-a-Box…Think Bento Lab-on-a-Robot…Rolls Along  Lab-on-a-Drone…PCR-on-the-Fly Honey! I shrunk the lab!  Researchers have long dreamed of a “lab-on-chip” (LOC) wherein common laboratory procedures have been miniaturized and integrated in various formats using microfluidics—small, interconnected channels resembling electronic circuits on a chip—that … Continue reading

What is This Hot New Field of Electronic Sequencing?

New Technology is Literally and Figuratively Hot Stanford-incubated Startup has Patent for Semiconductor-based Sequencing Using Proton or Heat Detection Sizzling Hot Promises Draw Stellar Scientific Advisor Board and World Renown Venture Capitalists Truth be told, I’ve been an avid follower—if … Continue reading

The Most Interesting Scientist in the World: George M. Church

Mind Boggling Breadth and Significance of Scientific Publications Serial Entrepreneur and Science Advisor to Many Companies Radical Advocate of Total Openness for Personal Genomics While seeing for the umpteenth time a Dos Equis beer commercial featuring The Most Interesting Man … Continue reading