Lab-on-a-Drone and Other Innovative Point-of-Care Devices

Lab-in-a-Box…Think Bento Lab-on-a-Robot…Rolls Along  Lab-on-a-Drone…PCR-on-the-Fly Honey! I shrunk the lab!  Researchers have long dreamed of a “lab-on-chip” (LOC) wherein common laboratory procedures have been miniaturized and integrated in various formats using microfluidics—small, interconnected channels resembling electronic circuits on a chip—that … Continue reading

What is This Hot New Field of Electronic Sequencing?

New Technology is Literally and Figuratively Hot Stanford-incubated Startup has Patent for Semiconductor-based Sequencing Using Proton or Heat Detection Sizzling Hot Promises Draw Stellar Scientific Advisor Board and World Renown Venture Capitalists Truth be told, I’ve been an avid follower—if … Continue reading