What is This Hot New Field of Electronic Sequencing?

New Technology is Literally and Figuratively Hot Stanford-incubated Startup has Patent for Semiconductor-based Sequencing Using Proton or Heat Detection Sizzling Hot Promises Draw Stellar Scientific Advisor Board and World Renown Venture Capitalists Truth be told, I’ve been an avid follower—if … Continue reading

Smartphone Science: Nifty Accessories for Bio-Medical Applications

DIY Cholesterol and Vitamin D Monitoring Using Smartphones Single-molecule Microscopy on Smartphones…Coming Soon? Pee-powered Smartphones Developed Solar Powered Smartphone-assisted “sample-to-answer” with PCR and Human Skin Biopsies Demonstrated Prologue It’s hard to believe that the first cell phone (invented about 30 … Continue reading

Democratizing diagnostics, clinical NGS, Star Trek Tricorders, and smartphone microscropes … My Takeaways from Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2013

Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2013 held in San Francisco this past February brought together 3,000 attendees in multi-track programs covering diagnostics, therapeutics, clinical, informatics, and cancer. In addition to Plenary Keynote and Symposium speakers, there were interactive breakout discussion groups, poster … Continue reading