What is This Hot New Field of Electronic Sequencing?

  • New Technology is Literally and Figuratively Hot
  • Stanford-incubated Startup has Patent for Semiconductor-based Sequencing Using Proton or Heat Detection
  • Sizzling Hot Promises Draw Stellar Scientific Advisor Board and World Renown Venture Capitalists

Truth be told, I’ve been an avid follower—if not addicted technophile—of next-generation sequencing (NGS) ever since the 1990s when inventive researchers—fueled by NIH grant-dollars—dreamed of displacing ABI’s then dominant fluorescent-based (aka BigDye® terminator) DNA sequencing systems. Assessing proposed technology of this would-be-competition was in fact part of my job at ABI back then. At the time, ABI was selling hundreds of millions of dollars of its sequencing instruments and reagents into the then rapidly emerging—if not exploding—field of genomics. So, you didn’t need an MBA from Harvard to conclude that any company that could commercialize significantly “faster, better, cheaper” sequencing would find instant marketability and might achieve even higher revenues.

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